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It could well be that one...


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What are u talking about? It's just a RE4 early built! I think it will be a shooter.

I think the next one will still be like RE4 and 5.

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Now if that was a new IP that would be seen as amazing graphics for Wii. It's kinda sad what they are doing for the Wii graphics wise.

This old version was almost complete ... Knowing Capcom and its taste for recycling ...

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I would have prefer that style that the one used for RE4. Resident evil must be a survival horror, not a shooter, why Capcom do not read fans petitions?

I certainly hope for this game for the fans. But I would probably not be interested in that game in the least.

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this looks more like a survival horror than the original RE4

My friend thought that Resident 4: Wii Edition was pretty good. I just don't see why Capcom can't make a Wii Edition of Resident Evil 5.


FFS that video needs be banned from this site it gets reposted every other week.

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