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I'm sure Street Fighter 4 and Killzone 2 will be very good games, but how about Dragon Quest V which comes out the 17th and Puzzle Quest Galactrix which comes out the 24th.

Anyone else, like me, much more excited about this pair of DS games(or whichever system you get Puzzle Quest for) then the quite hyped, huge production value PS3/360 games?

To be clear, I own a ps3 and will probably get Killzone 2 at some point (not much of a fan of the SF series), but I find myself way more hyped for the DS this month.

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DQ5 all the way... but SF4 looks awfully fun too though

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i dont pllay my ds so no,but im also not inteerrestedd in kz2 or sf4

I already have DQ5 ordered from Amazon.

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For me:

Screw SF4... Screw DQ5 and PQ:G too!!! KILLZONE 2 BABY!!

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    I'm more excited about the DS RPGs next month -- Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, and Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled all on the same day!  And Avalon Code looks like it could be a surprise.  Probably going to buy Killzone 2 before DQ5 cause I've still got some RPGs to play through and I don't want to fall behind in Killzone's multiplayer, just in case the experience/class system ends up being more unbalanced than COD4 (which wouldn't be a surprise, considering how inexperienced Guerrilla Games is compared to Infinity Ward).

Assuming DQ9 actually makes it out this year, this is really going to be the year of the DS!