*POLL* Will Halo Wars be your first console RTS this generation?

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*puts up hand*

My standards will be high though coming from being a clan Starcraft / C&C player. The videos and demo convinced me so far but we will see.

I really enjoyed the demo. I don't know if I'll buy it, as funds are low at the moment, but if I do it won't just be my first console RTS, but my first RTS period.

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I'll pull down the demo this evening and let you know.

It will be, but only because I'm putting off Endwar until I've cleared out more of my backlog. I will own both eventually though.

Nope, I have picked up Red Alert and Kane's Wrath already. I do have high hopes for Halo Wars but I am probably going to wait for it to get a price cut or be part of some deal that I want.

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I will probably pick it up as well as my first RTS for the consoles, didnt like EndWar demo but I did like Halo Wars demo, So you can count me in even if it wont be first day, I will still get it