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http://www.areagames.de/wii/news/27396/Crytek-will-bald-fuer-die-Wii-entwickeln.aspx "Every time you hear the name Crytek, you think: NextGen. Every time you here NextGen, you think: PS3, Xbox 360, but not Wii. Is it impossible to think about the Wii, if you hear Crytek? Cevat Yerli from the development studio breaks with that and says his team thinks about porting games to the fun console Nintendo Wii. There were some test already. When do we can expect a Crytek game on the Wii? In three to four years. "We have something in development for the Wii, but that are more Ideas we test. At the moment there is no specific project. Of course we also thinking about the Wii, we will develop something for it. The only question is WHEN? I think in three to four years, but nobody knows exactly" Yerli said. ----------------------------------- Good thing that Crytek is at least thinking about the Wii. Bad thing is the timespan. Well maybe they are changing there mind, if the Wii continues to sell. The Crytek makes really impressive games, graphic wise. To have some of it ported to the Wii would be good (I know, the Wii isn't capable of that impressive graphics. But just to have the engine could give some nice ports)

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3-4 years is soon?

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3-4 years LOL

Yeah! We need REAL developers on the Wii... not like... well, you know who I'm talking about heh

3 to 4 years... sigh.. but hey, I guess good games need time to be ready (expects Duke Nukem Forever jokes in 3...2...1...)  

ceres said:
3-4 years is soon?
Just want to point out, that is not a personal opinion of me for soon. I was just translating. :)


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wait what?

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meh, i'm not a fan of ports of old games...

And this is why developers shoudn't of counted Wii out from the beginning...

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3-4 years ......you better not hold your breath

But they already have a full PS3 development group working ,now thats good news !!

tru say rickthestick 2

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They won't develop for it. It isn't cool enough and hasn't enough power to make those incredible graphics which hide the lack of gameplay and of new ideas on their games.