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auto-aim basically if your crosshair is within like 2 inches it will just drag your crosshair to that character that your attempting to aim at.

 So you think the more accurate, and in everyway faster control system requires more assistance to work? So PC shooters need you to just automatically train onto the head to be good?


No but there are a ton of console FPSs with auto-assist. Warhawk, Resistance, Halo, Gears, COD and quite a few others have it.

But.... no wii games do it, because it's almost as easy to aim with as a mouse....

Your kinda going in circles here.


look at my reply to max, and the post between us for Red Steel since apparently that is one game that has it on the Wii, I just think this is what DICE is meaning, not that any Wii game minus Red Steel has this. They believe that the game needs it.


I don't rememeber Red Steel having this.

A "sticky aiming" function would only make things harder... I mean that's one of the reason dual analog auto aiming blows.

Someimes when you wanna hit the rocket launching alien you accidently end up stuck on the grunt.

You don't remember this because it was an option that had to be turned on. It made teh game really bad and much mnore difficult to control.

It was an option SSJ12 and as far as I know the only game that had it. It is not there to compensate for poor controls but rather to help people with shakier hands.


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Eh, DICE is in that category with Epic, iD, and Bethesda. Wii is just not their cup of tea. Certainly Mirror's Edge would have lost some of its appeal without its amazing graphics


EDIT: god i do love this feature. I often post incomplete thoughts. The point of what i said is that his commentary about the Wii should be relegated into the same category as that Bethesda guy's comments. We shouldn't necessarily take it seriously, but neither should we hate him for it. Wii is merely foreign to his world.

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DICE shooters on HD console were all awful knock off's of their [good] PC games. (Mirror's Edge as far as I know is not really a shooter, and though I have never personally played [don't flame me] got only mixed reviews. So it's not just Wii they can't develop shooters for, it's consoles too. It's only on PC they've made good games.

Edit - Also, it's a personal pet peeve when I hear developers say something is hard. Whether it be Wii controls or the PS3 being hard to develop for. IMO, those comments say more about the skill of the developer than the difficulty of the machine being programmed for.

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I'm not sure if I'd want a producer that daft working on the Wii, anyway. I'd much rather see developers with a passion, a hunger for success, or at least a clue.

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ugh, I don't understand that comment at all.

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Mr Khan said:

Certainly Mirror's Edge would have lost some of its appeal without its amazing graphics

Whoa, hold up. When I played the Mirror's Edge demo, there was an opening movie with a kind of cool Killer7 esqe artstyle and I was like. "Wow, that looks great." Then the actual game started, and it was really half-way between that and realistic and I was kind of disappointed.

Honestly I think something like Mirror's edge would benefit from the stylish cel-shaded look more then what DICE actually went with. That's my personal opinion of course.

It sounds like Liu is insane, but that is just my opinion.


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Why do I get the feeling this is going to be one of those articles that will be quoted and laughed about in a year from now?

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I'd call 1.25 million a success..


I found Metroid Prime 3 and Battalion Wars 2 far easier to control then their Gamecube counterparts, I have heard that Resident Evil 4, Call of Duty: World at War, and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 all played very well, and from previews The Conduit's controll system sounds to be very good ... In other words, I don't really see his point.