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I personally like most of them there are some pretty funny ones out there

Just use fire fox with no script to block the ones you don’t like, but make sure you can still view the ads other wise its against the rules


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1. I never said people should be banned for it. *11ht11

2. I never said we should ban sigs. *NinjaKido

3. In compliance with ssj12's suggestion, a 4 frame animated gif would still be acceptable and probably fit in the constraints. *NightstrikerX

4. I disagree concerning Cougarman's sig..but to each his own=P *nordlead

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Phrancheyez said:

4. I disagree concerning Cougarman's sig..but to each his own=P *nordlead

If you were part of the motorcycle scene, you'd know why I love that gif so much. I can't count the number of people who claim to have slid their bike under a trailer like that and kept on going

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ssj12 said:
Should just make it so sigs are limited to 126kbs or something that way some gifs are screwed.

if this would be the case i have 2 scratch one line


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nordlead said:
I vote no for the sig rule change because Cougarman has the best sig ever and we wouldn't want to destroy it.


man, you are awesome

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I love Gifs... I should Bring back all mines...
Bouncy girl FTW!

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Im happy with my chicken bombing sig, no need for gifs.

Would it be possible to have an option to hide images in signatures? I have disabled signatures, but like Phrancheyez, I like to read the crazy predictions.

I like my Valkyria. So no.

For some of the more annoying gifs, I just ad block them.

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