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I think the various territories suggest a worldwide tie. Because, 360 is well on it's way to winning America, yet has no chance in Japan. Europe is like a three way tie projected at this point. Japan on the other hand looks to go heavily Wii. Actually, I think the other big question is whether the qoute un qoute "novelty" of Wii wears off, and it's sales slow. Personally, sorry for my trolling, but I think the Wii is a shit console, but that it doesn't matter, the price is low, people will buy it, and it turns out to be crap later, oh well too late they already have it. Laypeople and girls think motion control sounds awesome. It's really easy concept to grasp, and sounds really fun. So a ton of casuals will be attracted, even though in reality the motion control sucks. And it's $250 now, so if sales ever slack, they just cut the price even more. The machine is so cheap, they could probably go to $49 if they need to. I dont know, we'll see. Wii should be the worldwide winner easily. It has great opportunity to win in all three territories. 360 cant win in Japan (and has a hard time in Europe). PS3 otoh is already behind the 8-ball to 360 big time in America..the only caveat is if Wii novelty wears off. Here's the thing though, they sell to different markets, so I DO NOT think Wii sales really affect PS3/360. That's already proven really. The people who want 360/PS3 are going to be the male hardcore gamers. So 360/PS3 will always sell no matter how popular Wii becomes. Whereas, Ps3 and 360 directly compete against each other, and it's almost like one has to lose. That is different from the past. In the past for example, PS2 and GC and Xbox directly competed. A sale of one probably meant a loss of sale to another. If PS2 did really well, then GC and Xbox had to suffer. However if Wii does really well, PS3 and 360 dont have to suffer. The other thing setting up a three way tie is all the competitors are so strong. 360 has the GFX power to compete with PS3 plus the early start plus microsoft's dollars plus so many third parties plus the big install base lead. So it kind of cant lose. Wii is kind of a phenemonen like DS, so it kind of cant lose. PS3 has the huge playstation brand behind it, plus certain third party exclusives you cant get anywhere else, so it kind of cant lose. When all three cant lose..then all three will probably do pretty well. I do see 360 in a really strong position in America though, and may even win if Wii falters.

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That Guy said: By comparison, Xbox360 costs about 600 to make. They are selling at like 400, so they're losing 200 with every console they're selling.
I think your guess is a bit off. The guesses of the production costs of the Xbox 360 are more in the region of 340. Although this still means a small operating loss, they are more or less at the break even point with the premium version.

i was actually talking out of my butt when it came to actual production prices. Does anyone have the real prices? I know Wii actually breaks even (maybe even makes 10-15 bucks) and I know that PS3 is a huge loss leader. ::EDIT:: Here is an old article I found from google http://www.gamepro.com/news.cfm?article_id=52214 is there anything newer and more accurate?