how will ms respond to killzone2 ?

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so none of you think they will create a game which will be technically on par with killzone2 ?

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coolestguyever said:
Well Halo Wars is coming at the same time. Plus they'll just be like "oh we have Halo 3" which is an average game 

 Lol. I hear angst in the background.

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Unless the PS3 begins outselling the 360 on a regular basis WW, I doubt they will even flinch.

TheTruthHurts! said:
Unless the PS3 begins outselling the 360 on a regular basis WW, I doubt they will even flinch.


 Pretty much this.

They dont need to respond, Sony is the one responding to microsoft with killzone 2

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There wont be more people playing KZ2 MP than CoD4/Halo 3MP and storywise, KZ2 is not nearly as big as a Halo game.

The only awesome thing about KZ2 are the graphics, thats it. And sure will microsoft get some game out that has the same or better graphics than KZ2. But i'm not sure that this will happen this year.

MS has so many unannounced games for 2009/2010, as has sony. We just have to wait an see what happens next.

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Their response is Halo wars and ODST which will come later.

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