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Squaresoft (the Square part of SE) failed to make good and original games after PSX era. I love KH, but this is the only game I can think that is good and original. They screwed up Musashi, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, Saga, Mana, Front Mission and even FF7. Lets not forget about original crap they have developed like The Bouncer, Drakengard, Full Metal Alchemist, FFCC, Radiata Stories (average), Project Sylpheed.

Nintendo make awesome games, but they are lacking into the new IP area also. Even so when they make a new IP, it does not suck (Nintendogs, Brain Age, Pikmin). Nintendo gets my vote. If it was Capcom vs Nintendo I might have to think a little.

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SE: 4



SE: 4


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It's kind of awkward for me...they're my two favorite developers. The only thing dragging SE down for me was FF. FF7 is overrated tripe and FF8 is even worse. FFX is similarly overrated but not to the same extent. FFX-2 had one of the best battle systems in the series to date but the rest of the game was throwaway. Never bothered with XI, but XII, for getting so much fan hate, is surprisingly the best one to come out in recent years. Kingdom Hearts is the poor man's Seiken Densetsu. But SD is one of my reasons for loving the Square so much. The other thing I really love out of SE is Enix's love for the little developers, which gave birth to the Soul Blazer series (Quintet) and Star Ocean (tri-Ace).

Nintendo's weird. I like all of their games, I just wish they'd put more out a little more often...I'm still waiting for Metroid 5.

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all SE has is just 1 trully great game. That is FFVII.

so vote goes to N



Totally Nintendo.

Zelda, Mario and Metroid has given me more fun than KH, FF and DQ.

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All right all right... Nintendo

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