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I have a launch 60gig (Now 120gig PS3)


Updated (4/11/2009)  It was the Install, I uninstalled VC and the game works


Just bought Valkyria Chronicles (My First PS3 Install Game)

I get to scene 3,  I take it I have to fight a small group of scouts... I don't really know because the game froze..

I heard music as if the loading was finished and the game was starting, but the music quickly stopped and the loading continued... it did this for about 5 minutes, then the music came on for a long time with just a Black Screen, then just a black screen with no music and I turned off my PS3...

Anyone have that problem with VC?


Heres what happened:

I popped in Uncharted and selected the game, it stayed on the XMB and just froze..

I pressed every button on the controller and even tried ejecting, with no luck.

I turn off the system, wait a few, and then turned it back on.

I select the game, it went to a black screen, and just sat there for 10min..

Again I pressed every button on the controller and even tried ejecting the game, this time the game popped out

I turned it off in the back, waited a few and then turned it back on.

I tried to start the game again and it started...

Is my PS3 about to kick the bucket?

This is not the first time my PS3 has froze, it froze a couple months ago.

Would like to know if it's something that happens with a 60gig or early models.

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Some of the early models of the PS3 had issues where the disc drive stopped working, sometimes it's the laser sometimes the motor that spins the disc itself.

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I've seen it happen before. Not on my own 60GB, but on a pals. He hard-booted the system during a software update once -- that was his reasoning anyhow.

He also keeps his PS3 on all the time, folding proteins, and its not super well ventilated. He's askin' for trouble, IMO.

The only time my own PS3 has ever had an issue is when I was using the PS2 BC on a select couple games (Onimusha 2, as I recall) and then only rarely.  Then they patched the BC to work better (Onimusha 2 ran fine after that), and it hasn't happened since.

Try cleaning your ps3, my PS3 used too freeze alot, but as soon as i cleaned it, it was good as new.

My original 60gb PS3 freeze's occasionally, i hold the button for a second it goes through some shut down thing then beeps twice and shuts off. But it always starts back up. But one thing wrong with my PS3 is it needs to be played standing up or the fan starts to kick in, but standing up it makes no sound at all.

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Never had this problem with my 80gig PS3.

But I have to say... I only use it to play Blu-Ray movies. I guess my PS3 will last longer this way.


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My 60gb had that same problem before it finally crapped up. If it starts to freeze up often, make sure you back up your saves ASAP. It may be a sign of incoming YLOD. Sony may not even be able to fix it and have to send you a new one.

Note: mine was a 60gb NA ps3 so this may not apply to you.

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Yea same thing happened to me it was the disc drive. Good luck hopefully they fix it for free for ya.

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i just sent my 60gig ps3 out yesterday cause it kept freezing within seconds of it turning on....im not even to sure what could cause this to happen it cant be the disc drive cause it would happen when i wasnt even playing a game