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check it out

the game looks great...hope for a release date to be announced at GDC

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Looking good, The online component should add longevity to it.


yeah I'm hoping a lot from its online mode

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

wen is this coming state side? cant wait for it. and im also waiting for mass effect 2 and so4 announcements for ps3 lol its going to b a fun year

They said at the end of the video they expect to have a full review up in 3-months.

Hopefully this games by the end of April.

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Sweet cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want this, badly...

Wow I cannot wait for this game to hit US shores.

ill say this after playing a good 200+ hours of it. The game is 20% offline and 80% online. It follows games like Monster Hunter and PSU as its all about the grind for good gear. Pretty much like any MMORPG out there.

Story mode can be completed in 23hours without needing to level grind to get through the story.

Its a great game if your into MMORPGs that make you grind hours upon hours for gear.

Fairly nice game , but SO4 is the best looking real-time battle system I have ever seen.