Anyone else dissapointed by the RE5 demo?

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Now, this might just be because I've never really been hugely into the resident evil series, but I was really dissapointed with the demo.

First, let me point out a couple positives. Graphically, the game is very nice, and the new co-op system seems to be interesting.....oh and that executioner looks pretty bad-ass. Also, it was cool that they included both online and offline co-op in the demo(though I haven't had a chance to try these out yet).

But the controls.....dear god the controls made me want to tear my eyes out. I'm not sure if they're just going for style points with the slow-moving controls, but they just come off as completely antiquated and quite frankly annoying. This was previously at least a definite "maybe" on my buying list, but after playing the demo and being so turned off by the movement/control scheme, there's no way I'll be picking it up.

Any thoughts? Agree/Disagree?

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i had problems with the controls at first i kept playing with them to see which ones works best i finally picked type D the stafeing helps in the battles, now im use to the controls and i like them there better or equal to the last RE's.

I wasnt disappointed with it much b/c i know its a demo the real thing will have stronger AI

Things that can be done
1 being able to give ur partner some of ur ammo not all
2 co-op should of just been for online not in the single player
3 wen u hold the herb u should be able to heal urself
4 chis is to big he takes up alot of the screen did he take some kind of RE virus
5 while u'll running away from enemy's u should hear ur heart beat and the controller should vibrate to the sound of the heartbeat that would be intense
6 while in aim mode they should give us some freedom like move in any direction 1 or 2 steps


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already made a thread for this

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i was disappointed at first but i played the demo a good few times and now im excited for it