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What do you think was the very best launch gave to have ever graced a console?

The very best here is subjective, i.e., you could base your post around saying the game pushed the most hardware or the game was incredibly revolutionary.

Some games that come to mind off the top of my head: tetris for the gameboy, super mario bros. for the nes, super mario world for the snes, mario 64 for N64, wii sports...

Sorry, I don't know what the launch games were on the Playstation consoles nor the xboxes...

I still have to think about which one I would pick....

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ill say the best launch game ever is Mario 64

What else could it be besides Super Mario Bros?
It saved the video game industry after the Video Game crash of 1983 and got people interested in video games again.

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Super Mario Galaxy will pass Super Mario 64 in total sales CORRECT!

hum i'll say halo for XB was a reason why MS is still in the war today.....

hum mario wasn't at launch :) except in USA

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Halo, it's what sold the Xbox, and is still selling the Xbox 360

Qualitatively, I'd say Mario 64. But in terms of generating interest, Wii Sports.

Mario 64, would be my pick... i still love that game.

SM64 or Halo.

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Super Mario 64.

(If this were US only, I would say SMB.)

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.