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Hey guys, I watched this forum quite a while now and.... damned! It´s freaking awesome (in a positive way, too) I just finished reading Kwaads new “PS3 sucks, Wii is a goddess” thread and I just HAD to sign up now – despite some fanboyish (fanbojish? fanboiisch??) tendencies you give a great community and honestly: Without users like Kwaad this forum wouldn’t be half as interesting to visit. But I also like users like Ben and Diomedes who always bring some life into the threads. Well, I hope we’ll have a lot of interesting discussions and maybe if more users sign up to the forum the console war will be even more fun to fight And remember: Don’t feed the trolls, ignore them.. Oh by the way: Yes, Louie is my real name, I’m from German (which means Kwaad should like me cuz I’m so smart... an you’ve got a reason to excuse my bad English ) and I’m a proud Wii owner, too.

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Welcome to the Boards!

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WELCOME and enjoy...



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!

Welcome Louie. Now tell me what your first console was, and what the worst game you've ever played is.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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My first console was the NES, then I came to SNES, the PSX, the PS2 and Cube and now I own a Wii. The worst game I´ve ever played? Puh... good question. Personally it probably was one of those Pac Man clones on an old Atari. Nice to be here

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Be welcome I may be wrong, but isn't LouiS a french name? that's why I first thought you were French. Is Louie a commun German name ? And yeah, enjoy!

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No, not really it´s just my second name and not very common in germany Louis IS a french name but the german "Louis" is not "Louie" but "Luis"

welcome :) cause you are from germany - did you hear something about your wii hardware sales in germany ? iam from austria, your favorite neighbour country, and it was hard for me to find one... but there are still no sales for austria ...

You are from Germany? How do the overeaching anti-violent video game laws affect what you can purchase? Or do you just import from another country in the EU?

quote]Darc Requiem said: You are from Germany? How do the overeaching anti-violent video game laws affect what you can purchase? Or do you just import from another country in the EU?[/quote] the new laws might be passed in about half a year but at the moment we´ve got some heavy discussions about "killer games " (that is what they call FPS´s in germany now) - the politicians say they are the reasons for students tu run amok but forbidding FPS´s doesn’t fit to the german constitution (funny, isn’t it? ) and even the most conservative politicians know that videogames don’t have an affect on behaviour know. So probably nothing will change for us - as soon as there is some news I´ll post it to the forum or open a thread about the situation here - and why the Wii is so good for us because of it´s family friendly image. The Wii could be the reason why videogames will still be alive in Germany. Vienna: Thanks! Well in fact we´re totally sold out I guess. Last week I was in Saturn and they sold 5 Wii´s in half an hour - than they were out of stock again. Of course some people still came in and asked for a Wii. I´ll watch out for some numbers soon. Is my favorite neighbor country still out of stock, too?