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Meh. Dude its just as easy to make a long boring as list of DS RPG.

Not all of those are going to turn out to be quality either. Its easy to make a list of games in a genre dude youve just gotta seperate the crap from it.

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If you love RPGs, get a 360 or DS. I did, and I've never been happier. The PSP line-up looks very nice. PS3...blah!

I already own all those games I want to on the original system that came on.

I hate to say it, but for the most part, the DS is not only the stronger system this gen for RPGs, but just the strongest system for games period. And I don't mean that over just the PSP, but all the consoles as well.


And when it comes down to it, the DS is getting many of the best old RPGs ported or remade to it.  I know my DS and I will be spending way too much time together next month with Fire Emblem: Dragon Sword and Dragon Quest V.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



Soriku said:

Haven't played some still, can buy and play on PS2.

The DS is already a powerhouse RPG system. Wii will soon be, especially with the amazing line up this year.

So you're not interested in any of those games at all?


If you are a RPG fan, I don't how you could pass those up. (at those prices too!)

Groucho said:

For RPGs, PSN already has:

Suikoden I

Wild Arms

Xenogears (Japan only)


Lets say PSN has hypothetically lined up, for the next few months, available for both PSP and PS3 ($5.99 USD each):

Suikoden II

Tales of Destiny

Tales of Eternia (out of print on UMD I think)

Valkyrie Profile (again, out of print on UMD I think)

Legacy of Kain


Xenogears (everywhere)


Multi-disc games don't seem to show up on PSN for PS3/PSP, so I didn't include the obvious multi-disc RPGs everyone would want.


Do you, on a scale from 1 to 10:

1: Don't care in the slightest -- old PS1 RPGs?  Who cares?  You haven't even heard of most of them, or you played them all, and now they are old news.

10: Run out and buy a PSP or PS3 right now, knowing your RPG addition will be covered in style for many months to come.



I'm curious, since this is actually the main reason I purchased a PSP (I missed out on a lot of PS1 RPGs, and I am a RPG addict) myself.


the command @ conquer games are all on 2 discs .. so there are multidisc games on psn.

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I would also throw in Lunar 1 and Lunar 2, Thousand Arms, Parasite Eve, Wild Arms 2, and a few others.....

1a. I don't care cause I already have them on the ps1..
*goes back playing a jrpg on his DS*


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1, I like good (ie, western) RPGs

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I didn't know Legacy of Kain was on PSN! I'm gonna download that game ASAP.

yes, I love RPGs, but not boring JRPGs