halo Wars sales will be huge for it's genre - bigger than killzone 2.

Forums - Sales Discussion - halo Wars sales will be huge for it's genre - bigger than killzone 2.

Halo Wars might win because you'll have people buying it thinking it is FPS...

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If Halo Wars is anywhere near KZ2 sales, it is a morale victory and a boon for RTS in general.

Remember the glory days of RTS? I wouldn't mind having those days back. And Halo Wars may be a start back to those days.

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Its a big ask and probably unlikely.
Still brand name is important and a lot of folks may check this out because of that.
Is this made by bungie?





I would not be shocked if Halo Wars outsold Killzone 2, especially if K2 has the mediocre legs that mgs4 had.

They can sell an empty Halo box with no game it and it would probably still move a million units before any one notices they forgot to put the game in it.

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actuallly it is being made by a far more famous studio

Ensemble Studios

with help from bungie and rare

Halo Wars has a lot of potential. It could be the only good console RTS.

I assume Killzone 2 will do better than Resistance 2, but it has to be in the ballpark. It can't sell much more than either Resistance 2 or Call of Duty WaW. Otherwise you are creating FPS loving gamers out of thin air.

786_ali said:
nobody around the interwebs seems to be excited about halo wars

Internet hype and real world results are not always the same thing.

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well xbox 360 has a bigger user base, and judged by what MGS4 did (a mere 3.7 million according to this website), k2 should do around 3 milion this year.
I can't see K2 will bcome a bigger hit than MSG4 to be honest.

we'll see about that

Hammer-of-Dawn said:
^ the rts genre may be niche, but tahts all gonna change with Halo thrown into the mix. It wont be niche anymore.
Everything Halo touches becomes divine and holy.

Or just stupid and grossly exagerrated.


And I think everyone expects Halo Wars to outsell KZ2. (intially for sure and most likely lifetime)