Analyst - latest financial data shows that Wii growth may be over, Nintendo knows something big has gone wrong

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mrstickball said:
OMG! Nintendo set to make only 1.8 billion pounds! Tragic!

Thats like saying you won the lotto, but it was only going to be 50 million and not 75 million...You'd still be happy on what you got.


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that is such a blatant bunch of bunk.

A: we just came off a holiday season where the console was selling between 1 and 2 million units/week, so back down to realistic (but still high) sales are easy to target and make misleading comments about.

B: the console is still selling like hotcakes and outselling the other consoles, so its not that the sales are crapping the bed on the wii...its just that with the powah of the yen that the profit margins arent what they could be.


what a sensationalist trash piece of literature.

the analyst will be singing a different tune, when the wii keeps on breaking hardware sales left and right. as soon as nintendo announces a new zelda game and shows it off, he will be saying buy nintendo stock. as far as i can see, he is talking out of his a$$.






Hmm, i'd wager that this man really doesn't know much about the video game market. Nintendo sure as hell will not suddenly find itself in a bad situation.

Hell, Wii sales since the beginning of the 4Q have been better than last year, so we really should be expecting solid profits by March, especially since some good games are coming to the Wii, even if not made by Nintendo.

One last thing: Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii, as long as those titles kkep selling at the amounts they are now, no harm will come to Nintendo's wallet, end of story.

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seece said:
Hmm ....

In fear of being attacked by Nintendo Fanboys (and I'm pro Wii)

I have wondered about Wii sales lately, I mean obviously they're low because its the time of year, but to me they just seem too low.

It has to end some time (I think Wii fans are unable to see this)

However there is some strong SW coming out for the Wii this year, but at this point it really needs to be staggering.

God help me for saing this but how long did past craze's last for (Yoyo, Tamagotchie, ect?) The Wii is in no way a "fad" but in the same way the Yoyo and Tamagotichi the Wii has become the IT thing to have.

That said I don't expect the Wii do die like those fads, because this is the VG market not some toy, I just expect the Wii to start selling on the fact its a VG console and not its widespread popularity.

Man,  the backlash from that is gonna hurt.   

But I agree,  I wonder if the Wii has seen its time as the "thing to have" start to deteriorate.


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With a strong yen and a poor world economic outlook, Nintendo is simply being cautious. Nintendo is known to surpass their estimates because they are conservative.

This article is based on Japan sales, not oversaes. So yes Wii, PS2 and PS3 had quite a drop the last holidays. Only the 360 saw a boost but a really small one.

This makes complete sense.
The World economy is terrible and everyone will be affected. Play it safe,
or make cutbacks. Most companies don't even have that first option.

Any company should be so lucky to even forecast a profit.

Nintendo cares about ONE thing. Staying in the black.
They should probably decrease production on all their systems and keep that line between supply and demand as close to reality as possible.

This isn't about "bubbles bursting"...
It's more about empty wallets.

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I laughed.


It is clearly obvious that the Wii will keep on selling in high numbers over the course of this gen.

This article is like, oh the PS2 is doomed after its 5th year because sells are declining. It was because basically everyone had one.

Lots of people have Wiis, so the only market left is the people who dont want any video game console in their home.