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Malachi - But how many PS2's get thrown away when they are replaced? I doubt Sony just takes, or took, a $200-300 device and threw in it the trash.

That's why there are products called "refurbished" units. Sony took the old, broken systems and fixed them up, and re-sold them to stores, most likely. All companies do this. GameStop sells quite a few refurbs from the manufacturer, as it's an easy way to get 30% off the regular price of a system.

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@Mrstickball: If Sony ships the units, they are included in shipments.

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headhunterz67 said:
I noticed that 360 > PS3 in Europe for the last months is totally wrong...

So maybe the 360 is overtracked, or the PS3 undertracked.


 Beware!In this site you cant say such things or doubt the sites numbers without being in high risk of being banned.

Brett-ioi will change the numbers whenever he feels like it ,but if you say it in advance you are in risk of being banned by some of the more zealous mods around.

I would reformulate the phrase if I was you.

Theres quite a bit of PS3 stock in stores ,but pretty much the same as Wii and slighty more than 360 (and the later being due to stores commanding less 360 usually).

I wont enter this discussion in depth because I would get banned by you know who.It doesnt bothers me too much because the relevant info for me in the site is provided by posters as BKK ,prosugno360,y-koron and makingmusic among others and can read it even if banned but theres some nice people on the forums and dont want to be perma-banned yet so I wont enter the fray.

Sony's numbers are always undertracked >:(

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SpartanFX said:

Sony can not lie,,,it's illegal.

Define lie.


mehm said:

Well then, the production shipments are even higher, probably over 140m. But the 136.32m number is unit sales, because the 131.3m from June 08 can't possibly be production shipments as they should be well over 135m at that point.

Fact is we don't really know what he means with that 131.3 million figure, the words shipped and sold have been used many times with different definitions. Only if we get a number with a clear definition within their earnings release or annual report we have certainty.