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coonana said:
what do you mean back it up with factual evidence? I am not saying this site is unreliable. I am talking about a conversation Ive had and I want some perspective.

I never said this site was bogus I just asked and some of you get all mad for reasons I do not get.


 People didnt get mad, they answered your question. You just didnt get the answer you wanted to hear evidently. Your reasoning for questioning this sight was because other ppl claimed the numbers were wrong, and like i said without any factual evidence it doesnt matter. They could talk till they blue in the face and it dont mean jack unless they can back up their claims. If the ppl your arguing with dont wanna hear that.......then fuck em, obviously that aren't worth talking to at all.

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Actually I was told to leave so people were not acting normal.

Here is a sample of what he says is proof about this site being BS:


Me: You have never shown me why VGchartz is so wrong.

Skeptic: Have you ever actually looked at their predictions? You are failing to show me how they are right. Especially for something down the road.

Hell.. I'll give examples. VG chartz overstated RE4 Wii's sales by about 600k when Capcom revealed the official figures. Seems like they have no idea how to track a game over time.


"But in covering all games, they are doing readers a disservice, because it's clear from the Iron Man example that they simply do not have the direct sale retail contacts to extrapolate unexpected but nonetheless true results. And if a title spikes but is outside public data, VGChartz will never catch it."

Meaning they make it up.

"One good example is the Ben 10 series of games from D3 Publisher. VGChartz has the series listed at 590,000 sold worldwide to date. But when Gamasutra interviewed D3's Yoji Takenaka last week, he specifically said: "Ben 10 is selling well over a million units right now, since last Christmas."

"Well, somewhat spectacularly, in both cases, NPD and VGChartz disagreed by about 100%. In one case, VGChartz was citing 300,000 sales, whereas NPD had the game at 150,000 units. And in the other case, it was inversed - NPD had the game at around 200,000, but VGChartz had it at 100,000."