Wii to go below 10k a week in Japan!!!!!!

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Bookmarking so I can bump it back when it doesn't happen.

kk chick lol. bump away

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This sounds like, the PS3 is doing better than the 360 on similar time frames, hence, the PS3 will win/own 2008 (And we know what happened)

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I don't think it will drop to under 10k, but it sure dropped horrendously YOY. Check out the Wii YOY figures:

       2008                     2009
     75,824      26,000                         

I think it will level off at middle tens, it would be horrible if it dropped under 10k, since it would become a 'dog product' in the eyes of Japanese consumers.

Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time is coming up this week, and Monster Hunter G in April, so that should improve Wii hardware figures.

i think it will be close but it will probably bottom out at 17k u will look like a God if it happens


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oh great, another Crazyman offspring..

We are looking at the first time where Wii supply is well above Wii demand on a week to week basis, so I would expect Nintendo to make moves to switch the manufacturing process from 90nm to 45nm to reduce the manufacturing costs and size of the Wii moderately while introducing colours ... Something like this would provide a nice healthy boost in Japan, especially if it is released along side Wii Sports: Resort and the Wii MotionPlus.

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This must be the worst reasoning I've ever heard. In January last year the PS3 had just received a price drop and wasn't there a Yakuza game in January? After the release of that game sales suddenly dropped.

Great reasoning, really...


excuses aside the PS3 is doing better then wii for the given time frames. @ stof ok thanks for that info i will go check it out now.


So in two sentences you're both acknowledging my point that console sales are driven by software, and writing off Louie's statement that the PS3's sales at that time saw a boost because of software...


Nope not really i just being extra nice to you because of you epic post count. jokes, t3h ps3 got a little spin-off of a ok selling franchise. i hardly call that a reason for a hardware boost. Devil may cry dont count eva, that got poor sales.


Oh great, the imaginery console wars again. I love it.

I don t know if it will go below 10k, but Im 100% sure that until MHG launches Wii will be head to head, if not lolsing against the PS3. Nintendo didnt have a proper plan for this first quarter, but lets see if Q2 can get better for them.

no way wii is going under 10k, but it does look like it'll settle at 20k this year for most of the year instead of 40k. and thats awful. console business in japan is straight up dried up right now. pretty soon wii/ps3/360 could have combined sales of under 40k a week in japan.

the monster hunter port, wii sports restort, and monster hunter 3 can't come soon enough for wii in japan.

i could also see nintendo releasing new colors in japan this year and a price cut either this fall or early next year.

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