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. In the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Capcom indicated that 2009 would be 'the year of multiplatform'. In 2009, they will be focusing on releasing primarily multiplatform games for both the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. This includes the sequel to the 360 exclusive zombie beat 'em up, Dead Rising. The sequel has finally been confirmed, and is due to hit in 2009. Capcom does promise some special goodies exclusive to the 360 version, in order to show it's good will towards the console.



Could it be true or false.


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well capcom said last year that they will be multiplatform (same date launch)from now on,,,so it's no surprise but i guess it's one less reason to get xbox 360.




Yeah they said that almost all their games will be multi but maybe Capcom will confirm it also.


WTF is with all this "good will" to the 360? Especially in Japan, they are receiving so much "good will" I swear they must be paying for it.............WAIT A MINUTE!


Capcom has been a little slow and pretty rebellious in making decisions during the last three generations.

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Everthything is going multiplat. I'm selling my 360.

What, no Wii version? Capcom sucks now.

The original game was exclusively on the 360, made them profit, and sold fairly well to warrant a sequel, so Capcom is showing its good will towards 360 owners.


Mark down some more exclusive DLC moneyhatted by M$. =

exclusive DLC for 360?

@cheat^^that's given

But as time goes by and PS3's install base increases,,,MS will find it hard to get exclusive games from 3rd parties .so the next thing they can get is exclusive content