Paramount and Dreamworks backs HD-DVD exclusively!

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So does that mean he's also going to pull out of The Birds remake? He's set as director and Universal is a production company and the distributor involved on that one. Seems pretty hypocritical if he pulls a hissy fit on this but has no problem making The Birds.

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It seems like $150 million might have influenced Paramount...

in the end, it's all business. whoever has better offer or potential, the studio will go for. both short run and long run. for all they care, money talks.

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Diomedes1976 said:
Wow ,look at this ....


It seems the stupid move of Paramount has already cost them Transformers directos Michael Bay who doesnt want to know a thing about HD-DVD exclusivity and says he wont direct Transformers 2 due to this decision ....

Transformers 2 will happen. Michael Bay has said it was his baby and he doesn't want anyone else messing with it. Plus on his site he has taken down the note that said he wont direct Transformers 2. I think he was just having a bad day. Plus Spielberg can be quite persuasive. The Spielberg henchmen are famous in holleywood. They will break your legs if you mess with him.