I think im going to become a true Xbox 360 fan soon.

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - I think im going to become a true Xbox 360 fan soon.


it counts if you own Halo 3. You can not play it, as long as it resides in your house.


nah just your house is fine. your 360 must dominate the place where you game and no "taints" must interfere if you are to be a true 360 fan.

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It appears I have already met the requirements...
Most excellent, indeed...

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If you aren't already, I am in awe of what it must take.

Wow, guess I will never be a 360 fanboy, lol.

Never will own Halo 3 and never will get Live Gold.

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There is definitely more to list that I want, but that's my main focus there.

DO C. and make sure the 360 is connected. :P

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I have seen you defend the PS3 a few times, so you can't be a true 360 fan. You also have to reorganize retailers' shelves in order to maximize the sales of 360-related products.

In short, no you are not.

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True fans have respect for the competition.

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Squilliam said:
Promises enlightenment? Is there some annointing process I must perform?

Do I:

A. Take a bath in holy water.
B. Bathe the Xbox 360 in holy water.
C. Take a bath with the Xbox 360 in holy water.
D. Something else entirely different like chainsaw my PS3?


I think C would do the trick, provided the water had been blessed by the Master Chief himself.

I thought that the 360 already had true fans in it.
If it doesn't, that might expain some overheating issues.
Can a fan actually game?

And as on how to become one, some surgery may be in order.

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