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Games can see?

N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!!!

SONY obviously paid this biased towards SONY magazine

there's no way killzone 2 can actually be a great game

{sigh} haters pwnd yet again

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LOL one of the bad things about the game was that it wasn't multiplatform.

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No darth, this is on a 20/20 scale, can't be trusted. Unless it's on a 10/10 scale it's not trustworthy...lol. Believe it or not, someone actually said this.

Regardless, I guess KZ2 IS that good. 1 month and 1 day left to wait. OMG I'm gettin chills from the thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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To be expected of KZ 2. Great score for a great game.

So what did they say about Uncharted 2?


I remember foul motuhing KZ2 in favour of Resistance 2 last E3.....how wrong I was

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nice find

killzone 2 reviews are getting a little boring. They're all the same.


That comment you are referring to was about 5/5 scores, I think.

I remember the Gamepro 5/5 and someone said "5 point scale is not indicative of a games quality".

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