The lack of an ethernet port on the Wii is a ridiculous omission.

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The lack of an ethernet port on the Wii is a ridiculous omission.

btw, I think I still have my old nintendo usb wireless adapter for when i had my DS, if anyone wants it. Let me see if I can locate it lol

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Zucas said:
Yea it would have been nice to have the option out of the box, but wireless is the way of the future. Nintendo has pretty much kept everything wireless since the later days of the gamecube era.


They've never really embraced wired online. There's something about WiFi they really like, to the extent of almost pushing it forward. Either it is the convenience of the connection or the very politically profitable process of clinging to the cancer agenda, maybe both.

Save up $80 big ones (USD) and get a decent router, one that connects right to your modem. Believe me, wireless is much easier than Ethernet, but a Cat5 would be faster.

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dougsdad0629 said:
My point is that Nintendo supposedly went Standard Definition because they figured that not everybody has a HDTV. They should have applied the same logic here and realized that not everybody has or wants wi-fi.

They did apply the same logic, provided you actually think about the issue and not just use it to try to justify your own perspective:

Nintendo's Cost Price to add Wireless Price to add Wired
Include Wireless

Internal Chip
(small form factor)

$0 $10-$20
Include Wired External Port
(larger form factor)
$50-$100 $0

Price for SDTV
users to access

Price for HDTV
users to access
Use SDTV Signal

Cheaper Parts
Smaller Form Factor
Less Heat

$0 $0
Use HDTV Signal Expensive Parts
Larger Form Factor
More Heat
$300-$1000 $0

So you tell me which ones use the same logic.

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WiFi and wired ethernet each has their strength and weakness, but there's nothing ridiculous about Nintendo's decision. They reduced cost per unit and kept the device a bit more compact and power efficient. All that, and they alienated very few customers. Most people have WiFi, and it's rather cheap and easy to get set up if you're not. Nintendo did what Apple does: sacrificed utility for aesthetics. Seems to work out fine.

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