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Well I picked up Wii and WiiFit for my wife for Christmas and this is the basically one month experience. 

Although my kids (3 boys 13, 11 and 7) have never asked for a Wii they were excited that mom got one.  The initial week they played WiiSports a good deal (not as much as the Xbox 360 software they got for Christmas, but they played it.) and also fooled around with WiiFit.  My wife and I played a WiiSports some as well and as for me WiiSports was really what I expected.  Turning a button into a flick of the wrist. I could play and beat most people in really all the games without mimicing the motions of the real thing.

The big thing is that my wife and I decided to really give WiiFit a chance. That after all is why she wanted a Wii. We have been getting up an hour earlier each morning to each get 30 minutes in on WiiFit. We have both lost some weight. So I guess that as a exercise device the Wii and WiiFit is doing its job. As for a console the Wii doesnt get much use except for an occasional short play of WiiSports.  Not intending on purchasing any additional software for the Wii any time soon. We received 10 Xbox 360 games this Christmas and that is more than enought for a good while.

Its libraries that sell systems not a single game.

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So you are saying what? You bought the Wii to exercise and that's what you are doing. There are alot of great games for the Wii but as you said you aren't going to buy any new software soon so it is what it is. Have fun with it or let it collect dust.

Awesome story. Would read again.

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yeah you can break a sweat playin wii

yeah, i know what you mean. Wii sucks for gaming. That's why people are buying it.


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I translate this like this:

"My wife and I are losing weight playing WiiFit, getting in shape. I'm probably going to get fat again playing a bunch of FPS games. I'll get into a league on XBLive, pay less attention to my wife as she starts getting more in shape. In time, she'll leave, take the kids with her, who in turn will take their Xb360, and I'll have nothing. I won't be able to afford an XB360 OR a Wii because I'll be paying alimony and child support out the arse. I blame Wii Fit!"


Contrary to popular belief, you can wake up an hour earlier every morning and exercise for 30 minutes to lose weight without WiiFit.

ya thats what my mom uses the Wii they got for xmas.

Mine, purely gaming.

Well, when you get bored of all the other games you got, you have to at least give Mario Kart Wii a try. Easily one of the best games on the Wii.

I've lost weight with the help of Wii Fit too, but I mostly just use it to monitor, not to actually exercise. I do the occasional exercise with Wii Fit, but I find that since you can't create a routine that runs through the exercises without pausing it doesn't give a very good workout. There are a few exercise games in the pipeline that look like they'll be way better. Hopefully they don't botch them, and they actually create a decent product.

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thats how my wii is now.

mario kart and wii fit are only reasons i have it still, tho one neighbor is obbsessed with wii tennis so we play that a bit.

its a system badddddlllllyyyyyy in need of some games.

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