What is the most underated game in history ?

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Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. And I'm not kidding either.

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Haven't played many underrated games, but I would say Killzone & Blue Dragon

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete 7.5 from IGN.

Heavens to Murgatoids.

I'm going to come from left field on this one.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

I consider it to be the best sandbox experience I have ever had. It won't get the credit it deserves because people automatically lump it in with those cheap licensed movie games. That is not the case for this game though.

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Almost every single porn game.

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chaospluto said:
WraithPriest said:
Secret of Evermore.

For some reason alot of people still blame it for Secret of Mana 2 getting cancelled.

If you can't find it to play, get a rom or wait and pray for a VC/DS version, you owe it to yourself.

:O omg, I didn't think anyone else like SoE.  Me and my Bro played the hell out of that game, until it literally would not work anymore.

Another underrated game.


You guys make me want to play that game. I have it on my computer and I'm gonna start it this weekend. Thanks...

Yeah, lets face it, a lot of people do seem to be getting under appreciated confused with underrated. Okami, Psychonauts, and many others got the ratings they deserved, but not the popularity that their quality warranted.

If you want underRATED, then there's no other choice but Wii Music.

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Megaman Legends for lack of popularity.

Chrono Cross for lack of generally being liked.

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Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2 barely got a 80%ish rating.
God Hand was severely under rated as well.
Blaster Master is way up there to, that is if there were more then a few magazines to review that title back in the day.

It's just that simple.

Psychonauts and Gotcha force

Former something....