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as long as it takes to reafirm nintendo's position as the big kahuna in the gaming industry


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I want the next Xbox to come Christmas 2012

A good 7 years for the Xbox 360, meaning it won't be hard to keep support going for the 360 for another 3 years giving it a 10 year lifespan.


Until all the systems have decent game libraries that have made them worth buying.

Now sooner than Fall 2015 for any new consoles to appear and another five years with them on the market with at least software. I've noticed that right when the consoles are getting their most ambitious software they move onto the next console lineup and I would like to for once see how far those creative years can stretch.

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ShadowSoldier said:

Honestly I want this generation to last as long or longer then NES era which I think was close to 10 years. I want to see these consoles go the distance I mean hell developing for them is a bitch and expensive (aside from the Wii). And im not talking about just the PS3 tagging along the PS4 im talking about 360, Wii, PS3 until 2016 at least.


I like the idea of a decently long generation, but not 10 years. I like 2011/2012 as the release of a new set of consoles. Or at least, for the first, with others to follow. While I think we're at a point where the graphics are good enough to last for a while, I think we'll be ready for a Digital distribution based system with unlimited flexibilty by then. I mean, it's possible now, but in a few years I think everyone will be ready for it. Also, I don't think it will be the leap that other generations have made... it will be more of a GC--->Wii type move. Better system, more advanced technology, but not everything that can possibly be added making pricing a huge concern. Honestly, the 360 and PS3 are amazing systems - faster processors, more ram, updated GPUs and bigger HDs, and you're good to go. The wheel doesn't need to be reinvented next generation... Just boost the power, leaving the developers with roughly the same hardware setup.

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I want this gen to last at least 5 more years before anyone announces a new console.

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Another 3 years, after that, most of the tech (software and hardware) should be ready to start another gen, probably with cost efective systems, better dev tools, sdks, a fresh start.

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I won't be buying another system tell at least 2014, if not later. The current gen systems are still years away from seeing their potential, and a next gen console is not going to do anything more interesting for quite some time. Right now the top end of top end PC's can't put out graphics that look better than PS3 or 360 in any noticable way. Motion control is not going to become any better for quite a few years, at an affordable cost. It will be quite some time tell we can see a console worthy of the leap we have come to expect.

My bulit points for a next gen console;

- Ability to support highly advanced A.I., to the point were you could have a conversation with a NPC, and have it go somewhere.

- Absolutly true to life physics.

-Extreamly limited load times, never over 5 seconds, and perferably non.

-All games at 1080p/120, with Final Fantasy Spirits Within level graphics.

-Fully living worlds, no doors that cant be opened, no hills that can't be climbed.

-Destuctable enviornments a standard.

-No more than $999 at launch.

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I like Holiday 2011. The start of my senior year of college, and thus the last year before i take the plunge to full financial independence, making it the perfect time to buy a new console, and by the time the 9th generation rolls around, i should be financially stable enough once again to take it on

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I'm hoping announcements are made E3 2012, and consoles released 2013. no earlier