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This is part of the Porn Industry's new "Blue Ocean/Expanded Market" strategy....

BAM! There it is!
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SamuelRSmith said:
Wow, standards must've been low in 1991.


Yes, yes they were.


I was gonna say, wouldn't be surprised if she slept with the judges to win Miss USA but after seeing the competition, not sure anymore  :p


stof said:
I love how this is seen as surprising. As if Teen USA or Miss World pageants are some sort of morally pure events.

remember the one who had her title pulled for some "racy" pictures in a bar?

Crap, that girl who wore a bikini on a stage so we could judge her tits just took pictures in a bar with some grabbing her tits! What a disgrace to the venerable tradition of ogling and judging girls based on their bodies!


Would you people stop using common sense? You know full well it's not common... at all.

I always know that those miss USA were a kind of bitch.