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"PSP will be the sole home of the next Dragonball game. While every game in the series so far has been based on the anime and manga, Dragonball: Evolution will be based on the upcoming live action movie from 20th Century Fox. The game will be available in April, just in time for the movie's theatrical release.

The character models are based on the live action actors, as opposed to the anime characters so familiar to DBZ fans. We're not sure how well this game will fare, considering it looks just as bad, if not worse, than the movie."

They are destroying my childhood memories with this crap


EDIT: they also have a gallery, if this pic doesn't tell you about the quality..


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This makes feel very depressed...

Former something....

yeah...it looks downright awful.



First of, the graphics look pretty cool. Looks like a "regular DBZ". Concerning the movie, I dunno, I guess it will be a good pop corn movie, nothing more.

Oh god, memories of "Ta-semen-monkey-mad-poo" (Ryu's hurricane kick from the game of the movie of the game) The only move I've seen not be safe on miss/block/hit!


I wonder why because Roshi looks younger than Yamcha?

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kill it with fire! T_T its horrible

Hey, it's one more exclusive! Shuush, I'll have none of it! D:

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"The character models are based on the live action actors" They can keep it >_

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This just fills me with excitement....

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The movie, and the game, can go to hell!

Seriously though, I was planning to watch the movie just to see how bad it was, but the trailer I saw a few days ago at the theatre was so mind-numbingly bad, that I'm not even going to bother anymore.