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The_vagabond7 said:

I think this goes to show one very important fact though. Mainstream gamers are not the same as the "Hardcore" internet dwelling gamers. Nobody here has even played the game but are calling "BS" because internet dwellers take hype into consideration when reviewing something and Killzone is definately at least a 9 without even playing it based on hype alone. They fully expect the game to get 90% or above just based on marketing and the industry buzz.

But for a mainstream gamer, you give them a stack of games and they are just going to say which one they like best. They don't know what's going on on the interwebs, they work at a softcore porn magazine. given SFIV, KZ2 and 50 cent blood on the sand they are saying from the perspective of the guy at the office that doesn't know shit about videogames other than he plays them on occasion, that he liked 50 cent better.

And that blows teh hardcorz MIND. Because without even having played these games they can say objectively with absolute certainty that he is wrong. TEH HARDCORZ is not the MAINSTREAM. And the mainstream is what buys 90% of videogame software.


^^^ truth right here.


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KylieDog said:
11ht11 said:
just to spice things up, if maxim gave this game a 5/5 would people still question its credibility


Of course they wouldn't.  


Any site/mag that posts a review with a less than amazing score is obviously clueless, bias, fanboy ran and has no credibility, no matter how well known the reviewer.


Of course if some no-name site never heard of before gives the game a 10/10 this review is 100% credible and completely fair.

QFT! We need to make a list of reviewers who are "biased against PS3." And seriously MEGamers, wft are they, and when did they become credible?

smells lke a flop

NinjaKido said:
@rubido with the typical game I might understand your point of view....it's 50 Cent ffs...I never thought I'd see the day where anyone would defend a game inspired by the worst rapper in the history of hip hop.

The gameplay videos show clearly how garbage the gameplay mechanics are , how repetetive the game is . I was actualy was interested in the game after seeing how much effort the developers put into the graphics , but that interest has just turned into shame for even acknowledging the games existance.

I really can't be bothered to defend Killzone 2 against the likes of 50Cent : BITS , it's really pathetic that i've said this much.

I actually don't know anything about 50 Cent's game, but it doesn't matter. You know what movies I hate? I really hate James Bond movies. Now, do you know of a game called Goldeneye for the N64? And also, using your same argument, I haven't seen a Killzone movie that doesn't seem like the game is repetitive, so it can go both ways.

The matter is not that I'm saying that one will be better than the other for you, but that people don't respect some reviewer's opinion. They're there to give their honest opinion on the subject and it's that... their opinion.

By the way, I'm not saying that Killzone 2 will be a bad game. With the amount of time this game has been developed, I actually expect it to be good. But who am I to guess, I had this same feeling for Lair.

heres the maxim website for gaming review. maxim socres are very good. they gave haze a 3 and street figuter IV a 4 out of 5. not a 3. wheres your god now ps3 fanboys?

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epicurean said:

I've never paid any attention to their video game reviews. However, I'm a big music fan, and over the years I formed the opinion that I doubt they even listen to the albums they review. In fact, I think there was a controversy a couple years back about one review being factually inaccurate. I don't know if the same staff does music/video games though.

Edit:  I remember now...it was someone who actually wrote for the magazine who admitted he wrote reviews without listening to the whole album... (again, may not be related to the video game "staff").

That was actually 2008. They reviewed the Counting Crows and Nas albums in the same issue and got called out by representatives of both parties that no review copies had been released to the press. It became very bad in the case of Nas, because the album didn't get reviewed anywhere else for another four months. Basically they listened to the one or two available songs from the albums and formed an opinion on them to represent the entire albums.


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After reading the first page, I can tell you that Area 51 scored higher than the original KZ even though KZ was one of the best looking titles on PS2.

But these mags are really general public members, maybe thats how the general public will see the game?

Xbot said:
heres the maxim website for gaming review. maxim socres are very good. they gave haze a 3 and street figuter IV a 4 out of 5. not a 3. wheres your god now ps3 fanboys?


 well,i worship the Maxim video game review team sooo....im at a crossroads on this one.



Xbot said:
heres the maxim website for gaming review. maxim socres are very good. they gave haze a 3 and street figuter IV a 4 out of 5. not a 3. wheres your god now ps3 fanboys?


oh really????? then why dont you check this link: http://n4g.com/PS3/games/g-24194/tt/metareviews.aspx