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Is this the first time that site has used numbers from this one?  

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Euhm no, I have seen it before and I am even sending the VG Chartz numbers to a magazine of my country.

But hey I am happy more and more sites use the numbers of VG.



Yeah, I was just reading another article, in The Inquirer, which used VGChartz numbers.


 I don't know if they've used VGC numbers in the past though.





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We seem to be most popular in Europe since they don't get real sales numbers very often from any sources.

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Are there any more sources that use VgChartz (aside from the ones listed)?

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Lanceuppercut said:
Are there any more sources that use VgChartz (aside from the ones listed)?

Here's another recent one



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Heise.de is one of the second biggest news site in Germany, but is has "Mainstream" news, it does a lot arround IT. If a news hit heise, it hits every thing in germany (forums, blogs, fan sites, minor sites). That should give vgchartz a lot of credibility in Germany.

( http://www.alexa.com/site/ds/top_sites?cc=DE&ts_mode=country⟨=none )


The second IT site in Germany.

A site in Austria:


about 1200 sites in German links vgchartz. Growing fast:



Maybee also intressing:



Another recent article using VGC :



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MeriStation, the biggest Spanish gaming Internet magazine (also known SonyStation :P), recently used data from VGChartz without explicitly saying it was from here in one of their articles (a great one, which oddly enogh didn't show any bias at all). It begins like "25 millions. That's the exact number that, to this day, gives a well-known webpage dedicated to tracking the sales numbers of each machine of this generation..."