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I wouldn't be on facebook had it not been for my flatmates signing me up (with many hilarious things written in the information spaces (like hobbies etc)

I didn't use it for a month, then I went on and deleted much of the info thay had put for me and used it for a couple of weeks, then I only used it as a messaging thing for a couple of friends who rarely checked their normal e-mail accounts... then I just stopped using it, and thus have only been on once or twice in almost a year.

I can't remember if I am part of this group though, so I will have a look.

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Who needs FB and MySpace wen u got VGC sorry i only have a VGC account
(anti social) i spread the word via word of mouth


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Ah... seems I did sign up before... in fact I did so before ioi/brett himself. and by the laws of the stonecutters that means I can kick his ass!

I joined

heh didn't even know vgchartz had a facebook group but I've gone ahead and joined up ;)

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I joined

BAM! There it is!
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I joined.

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haha, loads of people have joined now.

I've joined. But man I do hate my Myspaces and Facebooks. I really just want to get rid of them haha.

whats the point ??