Nintendo: We Are Responsible For 99% Of Game Industry Growth In 2008

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Haha, this is pure awesomeness. Precisely why Nintendo should spin more often, imo - creates hilarious charts/graphs like this.

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As far as I'd think, Nintendo is probably comparing their profit in America vs. the combined profits from MS and Sony.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

Nintendo's note is pretty misleading. Looks like some of the thousands fired by Sony, more precisely people from public relations and marketing, ended up at Nintendo....

They are just joining the war of words being waged by MS and Sony... They are on top. Why go down that road?

I don't see what the issue is. They are pointing out that the industry's total growth for 2008, over 2007, is 99% their sales.

The end.

No arguing it, that's it. Period. How people can try to spin it into something else is what cracks me up.




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Nintendo just laid the smack down on their monkey asses.


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I agree with the Pie chart completely...they have definitely grown the 99% of pure crap out there.

Nintendo and their mixing of the statistics, God they are genius's

That insane pie chart is what you get when you spin statistics that were already in your favor to begin with, hahahaha.

Oh, I get it their saying that their products aren't just competing for the same market space, I'd love to see what the over lap in revenue was outside of growth.

Then we could draw some conclusions on how many people chose Wii/DS over PS3/Xbox360/PSP/Ps2.

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Ninty are genius :)