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HappySqurriel said:

I can't say whether retailer XBox 360 deals are more or less common that retailer PS3 deals, but I do frequent RedFlagDeals.com and they regularly have deals listed where you can buy a PS3 with a game and (often) a HDMI cable for $399 which is as good as any XBox 360 deal I have seen

I've seen those deals quite regularly on that site as well.

I always check that site before making any purchase nowadays.


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You know what is also pretty stupid, I never see any commercials for games on multiplatform, they always advertise it for the 360, like I saw NHL 09 commercial and at the end it said "Xbox 360, now starting at 199$"! But the game is on PS3 too, why cant they make it "PS3, now starting at 399$"!

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RPGJock said:
elnino334 said:

Basically not sure if anyone else noticed but most of the sales(discounts) from retailers are typically 360 related therefore encouraging consumers to spend on the 360.  I always noticed this though this past weekend I noticed the flyer for Best Buy and it had sales for the Wii and 360 yet nothing for the PS3 at least on the flyer.  I ended up buying Ninja Gaiden 2, Lips and since I was there picked up the 120 gig hardrive.  They also had a sale for when you buy a controller you got a year of xbox live card for half price and since mine was up soon I got the new red limited edition controller and another 12 months of xbox live.  None of that would have happened if I didn't see the sale. 

By the way there are sales for the PS3 but far fewer then the 360 and not always as noticiable or as good.  Anyone else notice this?  What are you thoughts? Big deal? Not a big deal? 

Wait, did you say you got this at last week sale or this this week sale?  I need to know if I have to stop by my local BB....

LOL is this week though I had to order it online in order to get the red one as it wouldnt ring up properly in the store and just did store pick up.

Here is the promotion.  Good luck



elnino334 said:
FishyJoe said:

They advertise what they think will bring consumers into the stores. Usually they base that decision on consumer shopping habits.


 So best buy figures based on their internal data or research that they can get Wii/360 owners in to the stores more so then PS3 owners?  Is that kind of what your saying? Do they hope once those consumers are in the store they will notice the PS3?  It just seems odd to me they didn't have any sales at all for the PS3 when they can do things where you can get blue-ray movies etc. 

I mean this has been going on for a long time which I think is a big reason why the 360 does better then PS3 in overral sales.  I wonder if we will see more PS3 sales(discounts) once it drops in price. 


I don't see any PS3 discounts immediately following a price drop, since the price drop itself should be driving people to get the system.

There's 2 reasons why retailers didn't advertise PS3 as much in the US this holiday season. 1 is that Sony probably didn't help out. Hardware companies offer incentives to retailers to help push their products. The other, is that advertisements are meant to get as many people as possible to go to their store. Once there, they can try to upsell a more expensive product. So a $200 Blu-ray player or 360 might get a customer into the store, but maybe, just maybe, that customer can be talked into getting a 160GB PS3 with a game and a Blu-Ray movie. But on it's own, the least popular, most expensive system isn't likely to get more customers into the store than the most popular console or the cheapest Blu-Ray player.

I don't know, for the past months i've seen Best Buy doing sales bundles of HDTVs, PS3 and other stuff.

I think retailers are ever so slightly to blame. However, I think you're way off if you're suggesting that retailer actions are even 1/10 as important as the price.

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Are these American stores? Because yes, most American gamers like and buy the 360/Wii because of the culture over here(friends, shows, entertainment, adverts). Sony needs some inroads here. A lot of bitter people tend to try and overlook America because they feel it is undeserved as a center of attention. They play up how important Others and Japan is, but it still remains as true as ever, if you want to gain buzz, you need to be popular in America. We make most of the shows, afterall, and popularity follows the shows. This has nothing to do with pride, it's just a statement of fact. Let me explain.

That's what it comes down to. America's biggest export is entertainment, by FAAAAR. Entertainment is what is popular amongst the core gaming demo. America, arguably, provides more entertainment worldwide, than the rest of the world combined, with our healthy music, television, movie, computer software, and game industries. Apple, Microsoft, Blizzard, Hollywood, rap, pop, the internet and a vast number of its websites(imagine them). We have pwnage entertainment. We do, it's indisputable. America entertains the world. Japan is also a huge entertainment hub, but only to a lesser extent in certain industries like music, computing, internet, and movies. Entertainment is advertisement. Our entertainment exports(Like Japan) are based on our culture. Our culture is based on what our consumers buy. Our consumers are currently buying Xbox. If the PS3 ever catches on in America(which it might never do with sites like Yahoo flaming it in the faces of consumers), then it'll bury the Xbox worldwide.

My logic is fairly sound on this, so watch the knee-jerk reactions.

The trends follow the entertainment. The entertainment follows the culture of the entertainers. Ponder it.

Why do you think we care so much that Ellen or Oprah are playing Wii, or that The Today Show had a PS3 flame on it?

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While retailers can play a part I don't think it's the case this time. Back in the SEGA Saturn/Dreamcast generations I heard of firsthand accounts where retailers actively discouraged people from buying SEGA's consoles. Retailers played a big part in SEGA's demise from hardware manufacturing.

In the PS3's case I think it comes down to price. The PS3 is too expensive and not selling enough for retailers to risk their necks for. They need to get shoppers in their doors and the best way to do that is to side with the winning teams, i.e. MS and Nintendo. Here in Europe it might be different but in the US I think retailers need the Xbox to continue it's march onwards and upwards!

The same applies to people willing to ignore EU, the 1st XBox was too US-centric and failed miserably WW, the obvious conclusion of this is that there isn't any big market of the world that can be safely ignored if we want an accurate picture of what's the market and where it's going.

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In Greece we had some amazing ps3 bargains during christmas .