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Sunshine is actually one of my favorite Mario games. It was different from the others and I really liked it. I had a lot of fun playing it and I might play it again soon.

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I loved it, but my least fav in the "Trilogy"

Galaxy: 99.9
64: 99.8
Sunshine: 99.7

NintendoMan said:

Why no love for this game. I thought it was better than SMB3 & SM64. Found it more fun. So why does everyone regard it as some sort of black sheep of the Mario family?


I'm not sure about SM64 but it is bette than galaxy

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NintendoMan said:

Why no love for this game. I thought it was better than SMB3 & SM64. Found it more fun. So why does everyone regard it as some sort of black sheep of the Mario family?


I loved it at the time, and as time has gone on come to like it more than SM64.

The complaints I saw were these:

1) Too kiddy.

Thankfully this has become a less common argument, but this released in the heyday of GTA3. It's a silly argument, and I hope we no longer need to explain why.

2) Too easy/Too hard

Yep, saw plenty of both. Replayed it about a two years ago and breezed through it, but I know my first time through there were more real challenges than in SMGalaxy.

3) Lacks innovation

Too many people expected after Mario64 to see the same innovative leap forward as M64's leap to 3D, despite the inability of anyone's hardware to provide it.

4) Hated the FLUDD

Not sure why Nintendo had backpack mania in 2001, but clearly some of the Luigi's Mansion vibe rubbed off on Mario. Many people complained about Mario's new gadget changing gameplay too much, but I never saw much difference between that and the dozens of other powerups Mario has had throughout his history (hammers, giant mushrooms, fireflowers, animal suits, capes, magic hats, etc).

5) All the levels are teh same!

Lamest argument. I'll grant there wasn't a level as good as the best of SM64, but the levels were much bigger and all offered their own challenges. Just because there wasn't the cliched ice level, castle level, etc doesn't mean there wasn't variety.

6) And then there's this, for which there is no defense:



FLUDD was boring as it was overused,one powerup just didn't sit well with me.

The levels had no variety

Why did yoshi melt in water

Why was Bowser talking and the final battle in a damn toxic waste bath oh and why was Bowser 20x larger than usual

Camera was horrid

level design seemed less inspired than other mario games

It was over hyped to be a true evolution over SM64 but came up short

Some parts were just clumsy,this was not a difficulty thing as much as it was just a sloppy way of using the fludd when you had to control boats in some levels.

The diffilculty/Learning curve often flip flopped keeping the game off balance



When Galaxy came out it was the game we were promised that sunshine was supposed to be,sunshine was not a bad game but did fall very short of expectations. Still a decent game but not great.


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I kinda keep SMS and Zelda:WW in the same group, really good games, but not my favorites. They were both from the era where Nintendo was hurting, and I think they were not able to spend as much $$$ on Games. Once the DS reinvigorated Nintendo we started getting games like Brawl, SMG, and Zelda: TP from their Japanese studios. Retro has been solid on Metriod the whole time.

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the camera system was broken and made some shines almost unplayable.

indeed this is my least favorite mario (not that i hadnt any fun with it), I also never finished it.
i like a challenge, but not because of the camera. damn you shine behind the ferry wheel (if i remember correctly)