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I love Super Mario Sunshine, maybe not more then 64 or Bros. 3 but still love it alot.

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I loved this game! The only problem was the difficulty I found to get every sprite. I just gave up because games are supposed to be fun, not frustrating (this final complaint only applies to getting all the sprites).

Amazing game and I was really happy I didn't skip it completely for galaxy.

I like Super Mario Sunshine, but it isn't one of the best mario's games. As ManuelF says, tht's was becuase the huge change in gamplay.


Not up to Mario standards. Very dull and repetitive with poorly handling controls.

Smeags said:
Super Mario Galaxy was supposed to be a vacation for Mario, and for gamers it felt exactly like that: a vacation from the Italian plumber's usual stomping grounds. For some this was a refreshing idea from the tried and true Super Mario 64, add a nifty little gadget for Mario to play around with and change the core Mario platforming fundamentals around. You could now hover, shoot straight up into the sky, and more with F.L.U.D.D.

However, for a lot of people, they never wanted a vacation from the Mushroom Kingdom. They enjoyed where Super Mario 64 was heading, and they knew that there could be so much more done to perfect what 64 was trying to achieve other than adding a water hose. Also, the fact that every single level was so similar in its elemental design (oh look, another paradise level) kind of let a lot to be desired when it came to diversity.

I'm not saying that Super Mario Galaxy was a bad game, not at all. It's easily in my top 50 games of all time. However, it's a vacation from the usual Mario games, and some like that, and some don't like it. I would say that it's a great platformer, but not a great Mario platformer. And when it comes to Super Mario Galaxy, a game that kept true to Mario's roots while expanding the platforming genre in new and exciting ways, Sunshine just doesn't stand up to it.



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sunshine is definitely one of the most underrated games ever seeing as how a lot of people despise it (same way the great double dash is mostly despised).

i don't think sunshine is as good as galaxy or 64 but it is still a great game, just not quite up to that brilliant level typical of all mario games. looking back on it i really enjoyed how it was a fresh idea, the FLUDD really added new platforming elements to the game and the ooze or whatever it was slopping all over the place gave a lot of levels a real good feeling of the level being dynamic and alive.

the main problem i saw with it was that after a while cleaning up that stuff become a bit tedious. tedious to the point where despite me really liking the game, once i had enough shines to go to the final boss and beat the game i did it and didn't get all the rest of the shines. where as normally in a mario game i get all the stars before going to the final boss and i beat the game completely. if the game had been a bit more evenly split between FLUDD levels and normal levels so that it was maybe a 60/40 split in favor of FLUDD then i think the game would've not suffered from getting tedious and would be just as good as other mario games.

great game though, i might have to go back and beat that game all the way through now.

also i think smg is a bit overrated. a lot of it was incredible, but parts were just way too easy and simple to get much fun out of. although the last level is the best platforming level ever!

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llewdebkram said:

I loved the game, thought it was a lot of fun and that the graphics and theme were great.

It is difficult but anyone that found it too difficult is maybe too used to the almost always too easy games that are are around today and have been for some time.

When I started playing games there were literally only a handful of people that could complete certain games because of thier difficulty and the dedication, patience and skill needed.
These days most games seem to be created that require a low or moderate level of skill so almost anyone can complete them (which of course makes for a more enjoyble experience for the 99.9% of people that are not skilled hardcore gamers, even though a lot of people seem to think they are) but out of this comes players that think they have some kind of skill for playing video games when really they are probably just average.


 I found Mario Sunshine to be too difficult to complete.  And not because I'm used to "soft new games."  I still have little (if any) trouble finishing the original Contra without the 30-man code.  I revelled in the first two Metroid Prime titles.  I finished Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 100%--and that game offered some steep challenges.

Mario Sunshine was too difficult--not because of challenge or being used to softer modern games--but because it was grossly unbalanced, awkward, and had the worst camera system yet seen in a Nintendo-made title.  It was frustrating and agonizing.  On top of that, it wasn't addictive, nor did I ever feel compelled to even try for 100% completion as I did in Super Mario 64 which, while challenging, was fair and managable.


Games are often much easier and "softer" these days, but that is certainly not what made Mario Sunshine seem difficult.  It's general lack of polish had a lot more to do with it.

The blue coin hunting was just tedious (I usually like to "complete" Mario games, but never did with Sunshine), and there was a real lack of variety. I want to have desert levels, snow levels, lava levels, sky levels... not just a whole bunch of tropical levels. Also the boss stages were lacking. The final stages in Galaxy and 64 were epic - in Sunshine, it's pretty bad.


The game is too ingrained in my awesome part of the brain to be ignored. Slip ups will happen from time to time.

Super Mario Galaxy.