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I thought it was great. Less levels but a lot more to do in each. Its been year though, so maybe if I replayed it the aiming would annoy me.



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NintendoMan said:

Why no love for this game. I thought it was better than SMB3 & SM64. Found it more fun. So why does everyone regard it as some sort of black sheep of the Mario family?

Sunshine is just as good as SM64. The problem is that a lot of people try to measure it to the lasting impression of SB64. I can remember when I first played SB64. I was completely blown away with the game play. But it was first and you know how they say it's never as good as the first time. No game can really measure up to SB64. It pretty much set the trend for 3D games.



Sunshine was a fantastic game, period. What it didn't do was change a lot of things, it was pretty much Mario 64 with a tropical setting and a jet pack. No one can deny the levels weren't fun,(especially the FLUDDless ones). and the game was pretty difficult too, whereas people now complain Nintendo games are too easy. The graphics were amazing, and the music was awesome. The only con I think people can come up with is the lack of variety between the levels, and that it wasn't fresh and new, just a sequel. It was still a fantastic game just not up to par with other games in the Mario series which revolutionized the industry.

I thought it was a great game. I just hated collecting all those Shine Sprites.

After you got ordered to clean up the island at the beginning of the game and Baby Bowser calling Peach his mom, there was no more story line. It was so vague and I must have gotten like 70 or 80 of those damn Shine Sprites and nothing ever told me how to get to the final boss or even how to unlock the final area. Thus, I never finished the game and ended up feeling like I wasted my time with it.

I loved Sunshine too. It wasn't as innovative as Mario 64 but it was still a fantastic game.

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I LOVED Sunshine, other than Galaxy it's the only 3D Mario game I've replayed. My main gripes were the cutscenes and the attempt at a "plot." Other than that, It was challenging and at the time, great to look at.

Pixel Art can be fun.

FLUDD was a terrible idea. The only thing worse than the idea of FLUDD is trying to use it.

Worst Mario game ever. I always beat Mario games 100% with all secrets, I never even reached the final boss of SMS, it was so bad to play I deemed it not worth the effort.


A far better game than folk give it credit for. Still my second davourite mario game.


Super Mario Galaxy was supposed to be a vacation for Mario, and for gamers it felt exactly like that: a vacation from the Italian plumber's usual stomping grounds. For some this was a refreshing idea from the tried and true Super Mario 64, add a nifty little gadget for Mario to play around with and change the core Mario platforming fundamentals around. You could now hover, shoot straight up into the sky, and more with F.L.U.D.D.

However, for a lot of people, they never wanted a vacation from the Mushroom Kingdom. They enjoyed where Super Mario 64 was heading, and they knew that there could be so much more done to perfect what 64 was trying to achieve other than adding a water hose. Also, the fact that every single level was so similar in its elemental design (oh look, another paradise level) kind of let a lot to be desired when it came to diversity.

I'm not saying that Super Mario Sunshine was a bad game, not at all. It's easily in my top 50 games of all time. However, it's a vacation from the usual Mario games, and some like that, and some don't like it. I would say that it's a great platformer, but not a great Mario platformer. And when it comes to Super Mario Galaxy, a game that kept true to Mario's roots while expanding the platforming genre in new and exciting ways, Sunshine just doesn't stand up to it.

Gamertoadman said:
I like it better them SM64 but not more then SMB3.