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so florida won another national title last night. Since i have been accepted in to UF, the gators have won 4 national championships. 2 in basketball, and now 2 in football. Go Gators. Are there any fans out there?


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I was for that night. Another BCS championship for the SEC, strongest division in football. 3 years straight now we've won.

Go Gators!!!Last night win over the Sooners just proves a point that Oklahoma should've never been in the BCS National Championship Game.

Longhorns were robbed!!!

End of 2016 prediction



The Longhorns weren't robbed, USC and Utah were.

UT almost lost to the 2nd place Big-10 team, while USC hammered the #1 Big 10 team. There's a big difference there.

We needed a +1 or +2 with USC and Utah in it.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

I was for the night. I'll cheer for the SEC anytime they're not playing the Tigers.

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I know this is the gaming discussion but we mean video gaming.

Please move it to off topic.

Congrats to Florida, but it would have been nice to see Utah get a shot.