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Shill_Account_78 said: Repetition is the first rule in the propaganda game.
Kinda like what you're doing...

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This should have been locked 5 posts ago.

ranzchic said: This should have been locked 5 posts ago.
I'm gonna let it slide. Mainly because while it may be pretty silly, it's harmless. he's not attacking anybody on here, and the easiest way to handle it is to just ignore the thread. That said, it has been pretty amusing.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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I've been a long time lurker and believe it's now a worthy time to post because of this thread. I'm interested in seeing where this goes... as the internet really is jumping up with blogging and oppinions and forums... I want to know what is final point is. To summarize what I can tell so far, he's saying that Sony employs hundreds of people to create dummy acounts and spam Playstation fan / support accross the NeoGAF forums (something I haven't heard of until this thread). I know Sony do things like that, and I think it's impressive while also dirty... impressive that a large company is adaptable so quickly to perform such operations, and dirty because they are attempting to force opinions on people, and generally a lot of people are sheep and follow the popular crowd. I can't make out what all that PSP talk is about though, it isn't direct quotes from what I can see - i don't want to go and search and explore another thread for all of these examples. Interesting stuff.

I created an account just to post on this topic. I have been just lurking on GAF for months. I am a hardcore gamer and own all three systems . What I have noticed is in the last week they have become really excited about Sony. It was weird the tone of the forum did change almost overnight. Now realistically what I feel is as hard core gamers they just got excited because there was some exciting Sony news for once. As a forum they tend to take news and run with it. They are absolutley being excited about the PS3 at Microsofts expense , I have no clue why that is. I can confirm alot of the posts are by Members in good standing and not the new Juniors really. So I don't think this accusation holds water. That said I would like to get on GAF. I think it's at times pretty unbiased. They have their fanboys like any site that deals with gaming, Wario 64 might be the finest stealth troll ever created by man ,

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