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(not my words)

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(not my words)

So is this just propaganda, or do you know really something for a fact?

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Oh, it's just propaganda. What we have here is what scientists refer to as a "douchebag".

actually, i used a viral marketer at NeoGaf as well. I know of many others, but I cannot name names. Sony would pay me $600 a month, well, a PS3 a month. In return, I would have to troll Viva Pinata threads. Its all true.

Astroturfing is real but I thought the typical strategy was to have a person post on several forums for months (building a reputation) so that the users will trust them in order to deliver the desired message ... This is either not a professional campaign (a pro PS3 site could be swarming NeoGAF) or the worst professional campaign I have ever heard of ...

I vote end the cloak and dagger BS and either spill all your beens or not. This feeding us a little info at a time is annoying and unnecessary.

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