Sony Teases With High Quality 3-D PS3

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^^^i wish i could be there some how to try the games,,,,i can't imagine how it would look/feel like.




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Very interesting ....Sony is really pushing the envelope with the PS3.Wifi and HDD included ,Blu Ray movies ,DVD upscaled ,PS3 games ,multimedia ,media center ,3-D graphics ,PSN for free ,PSN downloadable games ,lots of exclusives of its first party studios ....the PS3 will have it all.

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I'm just amazed that a console exists that can do this!


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It's a Trojan Horse...lol!


@cgi i know man,,,let's hope that it doesn't require a new TV,,,then we might very well see the FW update on the PS3.




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Just hurry up with the PS9.

^^PS3 so future proof that there is no need for another PS till PS9 confirmedddd????




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But..... this is a fad and 3D games will kill gaming just like the Wii Mote !