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Xbot said:
^^microsoft gave us a 3 yera warranty. sony didnt give a shit about disk read error with the PS2. they actually got sude and had to settle it in 2005.

If the ps3 is stronger than 360 then why do most multiplatform games look better on 360. they run better too.

Oh please. You think Microsoft did that out of the goodness of their heart? They did it to get more sales. Pretty much everything the companies do is to get more sales.

As for most multiplatform games looking better on 360, the simple answer is that they don't. In fact, with 90% of games, there is no noticeable difference. Eurogamer just exaggerates things that people don't even notice. Apparently, the PS3 version of BioShock was completely unbearable to look at, and an insult to a great game. Of course, Eurogamer gave all three versions a 10/10, so apparently they don't care.

The reason games did look better on 360 to begin with is because developers had had more time with the 360. They knew it better, so they could optimise it better. It has a larger userbase, so they focus on it.

If the 360 is stronger than the PS3, why does nothing on 360 look as good as Killzone 2? Or MGS4?

And don't say Gears 2 has better graphics than MGS4. GameSpot, not exactly known for their PS3 love, gave MGS4 Best Graphics Technology of 2008. Gears 2 has very good graphics, probably the best on the 360, but you can't deny that MGS4 looks better. Yes, I have seen both in action.

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I think Gears of War 2 looks better. We will all have different favorites. No point in arguing. Go Sony!!!!