My 2 cents on the recent downloads (if anyone cares to know)

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Okay, so I got home last night from work and I downloaded quite a few things from Live and watched the new trailers for MP3. Here are my thoughts:


Bioshock demo: Quite an amazing start for what's to be a very high quality game. If you have the capability and you haven't downloaded it already, do so now.

 Stranglehold demo: Not nearly as fun or polished as I have been reading. Still pretty neat, but quite a bit worse than I was expecting.

 Eternal Sonata demo: If you are in to JRPGs, this is definitely the one to look out for. 10 times better than the Blue Dragon demo I played recently. I think this is going to be one hell of a game.

Metroid Prime trailers: i wanted Aroura to have a bit more gameplay in it, but it definitely was interesting to see that the almighty Mother Brain is apparently going to be making a return. The Spider Ball trailer was awesome though. I really like the look of the sky stage. The graphics actually look very pleasing. I also like the fact that there are more movies on deck. I would really like a playable demo though

 I also downloaded the original Metroid on VC and played it a bit last night. I still love that game.

And that's that. It was a great week for downloads. Hopefully next week will keep the momentum.

Just kiss the tip.