How do you leave Wii when you don't play it?

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I used it for over a year on yellow, but now its red.

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Yellow in case I get messages from my friends.

how do you put it on standby?

WiiConnect24 enabled, so yellow.


Yellow light.

It gets warm. But it works fine.

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11ht11 said:
how do you put it on standby?

Hold down the power button for five seconds or so: it'll turn red.

'Course, you're better off just turning the whole thing off at that point...

On topic, I used to unplug it, but now my new recharger uses the Wii's USB port, so yellow light if I've been playing during the day (I usually am now).


I leave red light because I heard that some of the early Wiis don't do well when they are left on stand by (yellow light).


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always left it on standby, and mine is a launch one.
didn't have any problems so far.

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mine isn't launch, it is black friday so close enough. And always yellow for me as well.

Well unless I move my Wii, then sometimes too lazy for a while to reconnect to the internet. I don't really ever play online so dont' really care.

Red or unplugged. Depends if I'm lazy or not (usually am). I used to leave it on standby, until it got hot one night. So I decided to not take any risks and turn it off.