Two brand new Xbox 360 exclusive RPG's announced- full 360 RPG list inside

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Released RPG's
Fable 2
Mass Effect
Lost Odyssey
Last Remnant
Too Human
Infinite Undiscovery
Eternal Sonata
Blue Dragon
Two Worlds
Fallout 3
Enchanted Arms
Tales of Vesperia
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
Final Fantasy 11 (MMORPG)
Operation Darkness (SRPG)
Zoids Assault (SRPG)
Spectral Force 3 (SRPG)
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements
Rise of the Argonaughts
Phantasy Star Universe

Japan only

Diario: Rebirth Moon Legend (JRPG)
Super Robot Taisen Xo (SRPG)
Absolute: Blazing Infinity

RPGs coming in 2009 or 2010
Mass Effect 2
Two Worlds Temptation
Star Ocean 4
Fable 2 expansions
Fallout 3 expansions
Divinity 2: Ego Dragonis
KUF2: Dominion (startegy/RPG hybrid)
Dungeon Hero
White Gold
Overlord 2
Gothic 4
Witcher White Wolf
Lord of Shadows
Age of Conan (MMO)
The secret world (MMO)
Dragon Age
Aliens RPG
Sacred 2
Alpha Protocol
Crusaders: Invasion of Constantinople
Defense Grid: The Awakening
The Lord of the Rings: The White Council
Age of Dreams
Final Fantasy 13

And now two more are added

Magna Carta 2
New fantasy Action/RPG

Magna Carta 2 announced for 360

New fantasy Action/RPG coming to 360

Xbox 1 Backward Compatible games

Jade Empire
Knights of the old Republic 1
Knights of the old Republic 2
Fable Lost Chapters

Also rumored

Diablo 3
Knights of the old Republic 3
Jade Empire 2

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Nice to meet you alt #45.

Also... lol @ Diablo 3 under "Also rumored"

Could you Bold and Green the ones that are exclusive?


Diablo 3 is rumored for 360


Yea, you may as well forget the Knights of the Old Republic 3. Bioware has been stating that the MMO The Old Republic is KOTOR 3, 4, 5, and 6. So unless the MMO comes to the 360 ( and I am not saying it won't) then its not happening.

I'm just saying...

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I saw you make this thread in Gamespot's System Wars already.


Magna Carta 2.....oh god.....that's unfortunate.


Magna Carta 2 ??! ... the hero in the first one looks really gay..... thnx i will pass this one.

I think a new Magna Carta was announced a long, long time ago. Around the time the 360 launched, like. I had pretty much written it off as vaporware.

I haven't read any rumours about Versus coming to the 360.