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They're in my sig...


I realize I was pretty bullish, but I really thought Nintendo was going to crank up the Wii supply and that Sony would figure out how to advertise their product to the mainstream.  The current commercials seem to be aimed at people who already own a PS3.


I was pretty much dead on with the 360, so I'm happy about that.


I was also right that the Wii would not yet have 50% market share by the end of '08.


But 4 million off on the Wii and PS3 is inexcusable.  The Wii probably won't be at 50 million until the end of March or beginning of April and the PS3 won't be at 24 million until June.  How lame.


I'll update my sig with EOY predictions for 2009 sometime next week.  I have to let this failure sink in.


My End of 2008 Hardware Predictions (console only):

Wii : 50 million

360: 28 million

PS3: 24 million

These predictions were made on January 3rd and won't be revised


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It's okay, buddy. Hell, look at my '09 predictions! I expect each and every one of them to crash and burn.

I dont make predictions as i cant stand failing! Props to you for yours

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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Only my DS prediction was really bad.

Nintendo still doomed?
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Pretty much no one predicted that the PS3 would be under 20 million.

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TheBigFatJ said:
Pretty much no one predicted that the PS3 would be under 20 million.

Yep, and that's because not many though the 360 would rise so fast. I still don't quite understand it as it doesn't seem to be the price cut or the games that made it happen. I predicted the PS3 would sell some 14M in 2008; instead, it sold some 10M. I simply thought the PS3 would continue to dominate the year. Interestingly my prediction for the 360 seems to be pretty accurate, though: I predicted it would sell some 11M in 2008 and that's not very far off. Oh, and I made my predictions in... May? Anyway, when I registered.

Hmm, I guess I should make a new prediction or two soon.

Lol, how odd.... The predictions I made in January 2008 turned out pretty spot on for both Wii and PS3, but way too low for the X360.

Prediction for LTD end of 2008 (made in January 2008)
DS: 93 million
Wii: 46 million
PSP: 39 million
360: 23 million
PS3 19 million

(check out my profile for when I updated in May and September)

Also my DS and PSP predictions fell short too, but I am quite pleased I was so close for Wii and PS3.

Mine were pretty alright. All of 'em sold slightly more, except for the PS3. That one did far worse than I expected..

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colonelstubbs said:
I dont make predictions as i cant stand failing! Props to you for yours


 Same here.


At least you're man enough to admit it, rather than downplay it and make excuses.

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