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Yes, yes... I know. And yes, I can feel the earth shaking force of palms slapping foreheads, but hear me out...


Just where do you think this game is going to end up? Let's hear some opinions on this. As for me, thinking logically about it, I could come to but one conclusion:


Playstation 3


As a life-long fan of the franchise and a long time follower (since 1997) of everything Square has had their fingers into, I'm of mind to believe I share an opinion that the majority has held in it's heart (lolol). The most logical path going foward is to make sure the game is the most graphically (in terms of cool style and scope of the worlds) compelling experience Nomura's team are capable of achieving, this is why it'll most likely be exclusive... Or atleast until the next generation rolls around, then it can be ported... maybe.


This is where the power of the cell comes into play. Nothing will give me more pleasure than to see Sora's chains moves realisticly in realtime, 1080p, 60fps all while looking like the greatest Pixar movie you'll ever see, all thanks to the physics they'll be able to pull off on the smallest of details without even scratching the surface of what the cell is capable of. It blows my mind just thinking about it. In the end I imagine it'll look something like this:




Well that's the main reason I think it SHOULD go to the PS3. They'll probably optimize the engine used for vXIII to get the results they need without bankrupting them. By the time it comes out though Sony would've sold around 80 millions consoles so there's no worrying about making the money back. In the meantime, the DS and PSP will continue  to get spinoffs to help fund such a large project, maybe even the Wii will get one.




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I really hope this game goes anywhere but the Wii... i need to play this game but i would rather buy a 360 over a Wii anyday!


My thought is the Wii, game is just perfect for the Wii using the motion controls to control the Key etc.

This game is not coming until 2012 earliest unless the KH team are not going to make it and in 3 years a LOT of things are change.


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For God's sake this discussion is so overrated. I mean guys this topic has been going on for too long. Please, lets end it.


Is this game really that loved? Whats all the fuss about?

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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at this point i dont care.

its not that great of a series anyway.




Well I'll say it one more time. I personally think its going to the Wii but I think there is almost an equal chance it could end up on PS3. And I would rule out DS or PSP as well despite them getting spinoffs.

But really there is no way to tell other than speculating on the business decisions of SE and Disney.