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i blame the retarded ads, it happens to me from time to time.

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Maybe its a DoS or DDos attack or whatever I was supposed to learn in CISCO last year

Lol, are you guys serious? you don't know what it is?

Well, I introduce you to:



Guess I'll repost this here:

Naz's GoTY article was a front-page Digg - did you happen to notice the number of views on that article???

Yes, we had some slow-down and while our new hardware was able to handle the load, we unfortunately hit a ceiling on bandwidth.

Anyway, congrats to Naznatips and thanks to ALL of the contributors for these GoTY articles. They've been highly visible and attracting new guests to our site - hopefully some of these guests will be creating accounts and joining our awesome community... ;)

Well, looks like i missed the fun. Congrats to Naz though

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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@Leo-J, that always happens on VGChartz. I think the website sometimes has too much people on it that it tends not to work. It happen to me this morning when I tried to sign in.


I think its mostly the advertisments that slow down the website. VGChartz needs to cut down on the advertisments.


Over 79,000 views (and growing), times over 5mb per view... This site is still maxing out on bandwidth.  The problem isn't so much the number of users, but the size of the page (because of all the screen shots) that they are all going to...

Good job on the. Goty awards

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wow yeah that was madness last night. I couldn't get on for a while. Looks like the GOTY awards were pretty popular or controversial. One or the other