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Why has it been so hard to enter the site? And why is it so slow?


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Our GOTY awards killed the site!

i would have to say it has to do with the number of users it lists...coming into today i believe the high was like 4403? or something...now it says 7k+ and its high even now despite the lag..who knows it could be a directed attack on the site? or just it got very popular...i dunno...ive have a hard time just getting to it the much less even trying to navigate it

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I think they are getting attacked, 6000 users to 6800 users in under a minute?

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High amount of users, I can barely get on.

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too slow!!!!!!

I feel like I am moving around in Diablo 1.

its all the kirbys in the sigs. their overtaking the site



It has to be gballzack



I couldn't get on for an hour. I Thought a Megaton had dropped >_>